M Lithium battery

M series lithium battery is a 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery module which can be used as the replacement of lead acid battery with same dimension. It offers a light weight, high power and safe energy storage solution for various types of vehicles, including Caravan, Motorhome, Commercial vehicle, Autonomous vehicles and cleaning equipment.

Supporting up to 1C continuous discharge current, M series lithium battery is perfect to be used for high power appliance assuring you make full use of designed energy from storage battery. It has built-in BMS against overcharging, over discharging or over temperature by monitoring current, voltage and temperature of each cell. Featuring high cycle life and high discharging capability, M series lithium battery could offer significant value for end user with lower total ownership cost.


●  Long cycle life, over 3000 cycles at 80% DOD.  ●  Maintenance free with very low self-discharge rate.  ●  Lighter weight with over 50%.  ●  Supports high discharge current (max 1C) with exceptional voltage stability.  ●  More usable energy up to 100% capacity.  ●  Faster charging thanks to lower resistance.  ●  Partial state of charge tolerant, with no damage from PSoC.  ●  Built-in BMS with automatic balancing and protection against over-charge, over discharge,       over-current, short circuit and over-temperature.  ●  Metal reinforced structure to provide further protection to battery.  ●  Capability of parallel.  ●  Standard dimension for drop-in replacement for lead acid battery.  ●  Environment friendly: No toxic, no acid can be installed in any direction.  ●  COMM port for communication (Only available on coming M200-12 model). 

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