Battery Guard Kit

For the new battery bank of 24Vdc or 48Vdc which is composed by several batteries, minor difference of internal leakage current will cause undercharge or overcharge of parallel or series connected batteries. The frequent encountered Partial Stage of Charge (PSoC) make this situation even worse, as the result of rare opportunity to fully charge the battery.

Battery Guard equalizes each battery individually and, in the meantime, monitors the real time voltage and temperature of each battery unit. The SOC difference will be iron out during charging.

Taking an example of 48Vdc battery bank composed by 4 units 12V battery in series connection, when any single unit battery voltage is higher than 13V, its corresponding module will trigger on. The BGK will draw a current of up to 200mA from the battery (or parallel connected batteries) with the higher voltage. This will help all batteries in series / parallel connected to have the same stage of charge.

Working with TBB inverter or system monitor, BGK can improve battery life span, also with alarm for over voltage and under voltage of individual battery. It will send real time data to TBB inverter or central monitor. There is LCD display on each module as well showing voltage and temperature.


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