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Master Power Unit

Master power unit (MP) is a multiple function Integrated Power Unit.


Ø  Smart battery charger 12V20A (30A at power supply mode)

•       Multiple battery charging steps to ensure the proper charge to battery.

•       Temperature compensation and voltage compensation for precise charging.

•       High efficiency, max 90%

•       PFC available

Ø  Battery charging relay 12V100A

Ø  Battery Low Voltage Protection 12V 40A

•       Automatic disconnection when battery voltage lower than 10.5VDC

•       Adjustable low voltage protection by optional Crystal remote controller.

Ø  Solar charge controller (PWM)

•       Open circuit voltage 25VDC

•       Max charging current 30A

Ø  14 x Fused digital DC distribution (4x15A, 10x10A)

Ø  Thermal-controlled fan.

Ø  Night silent mode is available by optional Crystal remote controller.