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Energie Home combi

CS combi is an inverter/chargers combination with high reliability providing true sine-wave inverter, lead acid battery charger and AC transfer switch in together. It can be connected to either grid or generator to compose power system for the most demanding power backup application. 

⦁ Pure Sine Wave Inverter
⦁ Designed for tropical region with working temperature up to 60℃
⦁ Weak grid mode make it suitable for unstable grid
⦁ Outstanding peak power make it suitable for heavy load, such as air conditioner
⦁ TBB premium II multi stage charging algorithm with built in automatic temperature compensation
⦁ Various charging algorithm for multiple battery chemicals including AGM, GEL, Semi Traction and Traction.
⦁ Equalization program available for Traction and Semi-traction battery
⦁ Charger only function
⦁ GEN mode makes it compatible with majority of generators in the market.
⦁ Optional low voltage disconnect level

Using this CS-D combi, following two systems can be composed. Through dip switch 6, you can set this unit working in different systems. 

++ Solar/Generator hybrid

This setting is being used for solar-generator hybrid system. Under this setting, upon battery runs low and through CM module, Energier home combi will start generator as extended backup power. Through Dip Switch 5, you can set how you want to perform the charging and switching back to inverter.

Under this mode, in order to work with generator with bad quality output, Energie Home combi will reduce its requirement for AC input (voltage, frequency and waveform) so that it could perform charging as well. As a consequence, the transfer time will be prolonged to about 2s. The load will have problem of loss of power in case of transfer.


++ Solar/Grid hybrid

This is being used for solar-grid hybrid system. Under this setting, Energie Home combi will bring grid in once battery runs low. And, it will not perform charging under grid.