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Energie Pro combi

CF combi is a new generation inverter charger, of which integrated a powerful sophisticated lead acid battery charger, true sine wave inverter and a high speed AC transfer switch into a single enclosure. Meantime, multiple power management functions/devices make it convenient to compose different advanced hybrid independent power systems.

Twin AC input devices (TAI) is available, with which a hybrid system with two AC inputs (Grid or Generator) can be composed. CF combi will automatically control the input according to the logic preset.

⦁ Pure sine wave inverter with outstanding peak power
⦁ High efficiency up to 94%
⦁ Extremely low status consumption power
⦁ Powerful sophisticated lead acid battery charger featuring multi-stage charging algorithm, automatic temperature compensation and voltage     compensation.
⦁ High Ambient temperature design
⦁ AEA technology : It can automatic allocate the power available with AC source  (either grid or genset) using whatever extra for charging, thus avoiding grid or generator to be overloaded.
⦁ Fully programmable
    With SCP supplied, all system parameters can be adjusted after installation satisfying requirement of different systems.
⦁ Solar mode makes it suitable for solar interactive system
⦁ GEN mode makes it compatible with majority of generators in the market.
⦁ Weak Grid mode can dramatically increase the usage of grid upon available.
⦁ Standby level adjustable
⦁ Optional AGS
⦁ Optional twin AC input device 
⦁ With Vision Lite monitor, user can do the monitoring and setting easily.