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TU6100 on-line UPS

TU6000 series is an on-line UPS, with a 50Hz transformer, was specially designed for rigorous application where normal office UPS could not survive. The applications include Railway, Mining, Steel, Petrochemical, On-board etc, where utility quality is very bad or being powered by diesel generators.


TU6100       single phase input / single phase output  


TU6300     three phase input / single phase output    



For 100Vac/110Vac/120Vac, max 15kva are available

  • Online double conversion technology
  • Full Power up to40℃, de-rated up to60℃
  • Outstanding overload capability
  • Generator compatible
  • Automatic temperature compensation charging
  • Integrated static bypass switch
  • Excellent shortcut protection with auto recovery
  • Smart current sharing technology supporting 1+1 redundancy system
  • RS232 or RS485 interface plus dry contact
  • Built in SNMP (optional)
  • Comprehensive LCD and LED display & control panel
  • Optional bypass isolation transformer for full input isolation
  • Higher power available upon request.
  • External high power charger is available for long backup