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TP600 series inverter

Combined with modern semiconductors and sophisticated control algorithm, TP600 series inverter could achieve a compact size of maximized power density.

TP600 series standalone inverter was a standby design with an integrated utility bypass. With a dip switch, the inverter can be set into either AC priority mode or DC priority mode. 

For 100Vac/110Vac/120Vac, max 3kva is available

  • 19”1U or 19”2U
  • High Frequency standby design with 
  • Transfer time 5-8ms 
  • Working mode selectable (AC priority or DC priority)
  • High Frequency design 
  • DC/AC isolation improving system security 
  • System parameters programmable 
  • Complete protection
  • Thermal controlled fan
  • RS232 or RS485 communication port and Dry point 
  • Voltage adjustable 230Vac (200-240) or 110Vac (100-120) 
  • Front panel connection version available

LCD version features
  • History record
  • Parameters settable by user